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Welcome To Our Pet Resources Home Page
Hi! This site is a collection of shared Pet Resources for the members of our family. It is maintained by Dana Rice and Lara Lightfoot Rice. Dana's dog and cat, Katie and Simon Rice-Martinez, lend inspiration and fabulous typing skills to the effort, as do their cousins Marley, Schooner, Olo and Goofy.

You can scroll down this page to see the history of this site, and use the links in the left menu to see other resources on this site. There are great links to pet health & adoption and pet supplies on the web! Plus, our newest pages of Family Critter Photos, Information About Us such as which species of pets we use these resources for, and links to more of our family web sites!

Latest Site Updates
We're revamping our home on the World Wide Web. Here's our progress:

05/2005    We've bought the 1-year hosting package that removes banenrs from this page! Woo-hoo! Very happy, tails are wagging (even Edgar the Cat's, and Olo the Iguana's).

11/2004   We welcome a new pet to the family, Katie Rice-Martinez, a 4-year-old German Shorthaired Pointer/ Labrador Retriever mix. She is a gunshy hunting dog, and a real sweetie pie, found and rescued from petfinder.org. Please support Petfinder.org, and please spay and neuter your pets! Katie will now be assisting Edgar in maintaining this site!

11/2003   Long-time content owner of this site, Maya Rice-Martinez, a 15-year-old German Shorthaired Pointer who'd been in the Rice family since puppyhood, passed away of old age. Maintenance duties were passed on to her brother Edgar and cousins Marly, Schooner, Olo and Goofy.

02/2002   For her cousin Sean's birthday, Maya totally revamped this site and added a picture of him on the home page.

8/2001   Uncle Steve gave Maya, his sister's dog, this site, and she created a few pages with pet links and stuff.

Please let us know about problems or suggestions
We know we're excellent typists, but if you see any mistakes or have any suggestions for our pages, please email us at our mom's address:

Marly & Schooner
The 'Thelma and Louise' of the dog world!

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